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I am Ferran Forcada, Founder and CEO of Hivital and I would like to share our family history with you

Dear customers and friends.

Hivital is a family business that was born due to my personal dream to gather knowledge and continue with the legacy of my grandfather, Fernando Forcada Fábregas, about Natutal Medicine, Nutrition and Health.

sobre nosotros


My paternal grandfather studied 2 years of medicine but the Spanish Civil War forced him to give up his studies. He was never able to resume them. However, his vocation for health remained more alive than ever.


Both my grandfather and my grandmother, Mª Luisa, began to take an interest about Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, and slowly they taught my father (and later my mother) the healthy habits of nutrition that nowadays the whole family practice daily.

Our main objective is to offer you our products and knowledge about Natural Medicine and Nutritional Supplementation that we have acquired throughout our life, to try to help you with your ailments and health problems.

Medicinal plants and herbs, natural extracts and essential oils have been part of our childhood and youth, and obviously now is one of the pillars of our life.

My grandfather and grandmother died elderly without having any serious health problems. I wish we all had a healthy life like them. From here, my thanks to everything they taught us.


My family and I have experienced in first person the therapeutic effects that vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines, extracts and vegetable oils can have on many types of diseases.

Now my personal mission is to share with you all our knowledge in this area and help you to prevent, alleviate and improve your ailments with our natural products and with our recommendations about nutrition and dietetics that we will publish periodically on our social networks.







We know that it is a sector where many of our competitors are not and for that reason, I give own my face, with name and surname, and we personally respond to our products.

You, our client, and your health, are the most important for us.

We work every day to research, develop, manufacture and test our nutritional supplements until we can guarantee that they really work. Once we are satisfied with our product, we put it on sale so that more people, like you, can benefit from its therapeutic effects and benefits.


We only use high quality ingredients and active principles that really work. We manufacture our products in compliance with all European manufacturing standards and regulations. We are ISO 22000 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

We hope that thanks to our clients like you, and with your support and trust, we can continue to share our knowledge and make our dream come true, help improve the health and well-being of people with our products.

Remember, for us, your health comes first!

Thank you very much for trusting Hivital.

Ferran Forcada
Founder and CEO

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